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    • ± 4 minutes

    What is a good TTFB for ecommerce?

    Although not part of the set of Core Web Vitals, TTFB is an important page speed metric. However, it poses more challenges for e-commerce sites compared to other types of websites, static sites included. Nevertheless, what is considered a good TTFB for e-commerce?

    • ± 1 minute

    INP demo's and playgrounds

    "Does anyone have a good hello world demo for a project with INP issues?"

    • ± 1 minute

    Inviting you to the Meetup Performance NL event

    New to INP or caring about web performance, and living in or nearby the south of The Netherlands? You're in luck. There will be an event next Thursday, where I will talk about INP.

    • ± 2 minutes

    Use text-wrap: balance; to improve design and INP

    Evenly and aesthetically distributing your text on available lines? Use `text-wrap: balance` instead of JavaScript and improve web performance & INP of your website.

    • ± 5 minutes conference recap

    It's a wrap! The organizers of the yearly conference managed to raised the bar once again for next year's edition.

    • ± 1 minute

    Web Vitals summit & pre-event

    Before the conference days started, I visited Google headquarters in Amsterdam and also gave a presentation on INP and the LoAF API during a performance meetup.

    • ± 3 minutes

    Short code snippet to track both redirect time and full TTFB

    Here are ways to log the redirect time and TTFB. Just copy & paste it into Chrome's JS Console to see the complete waiting time (including redirect time) when clicking on your own Google + FB Ads, for example.

    • ± 5 minutes

    Elon Musk's X continues to delay links to websites he dislikes

    Yesterday's big news was that X is delaying links to its competitors by up to 5 seconds. It was claimed to be resolved, but I can confirm that not only was it occurring before, but with a delay of 2.6 it is still occurring now. Let's dive in.

    • ± 3 minutes

    Why does Google ignore INP outliers during the lifespan of a page?

    INP will observe the latency of all click, tap, and keyboard interactions that occur throughout the lifespan of a user's visit to a page. The final INP value is the longest interaction observed, ignoring outliers. But what does that mean?

    • ± 4 minutes

    I've selected my most popular LinkedIn post of 2022. It might be convenient of you if you're not following me yet, or just didn't had the chance to read up on all of them.

    • ± 3 minutes

    Analysing your Core Web Vitals competition

    Only 24% is passing the Core Web Vitals. This means your shop has the chance to not only get some highlighting in the search results, but also outperform your closest competitors. Let's dive into some numbers and toolings.

    • ± 3 minutes

    The redirect technique behind Twitter's links

    While users would actually see the actual link in the user interface (either their browser or the Twitter app), the actual redirect behaviour works with an extra step via

    • ± 4 minutes

    9 ways to track and detect CLS for yourselves and real users

    You think it would be clear to everyone that the Tower of Pisa is shifted. However, it also depends on the point of view and angle. The same applies to CLS as well: different conditions will result in CLS happening at different moments. Let's discuss toolings you can use to track CLS.