Pagespeed findings

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    • ± 6 minutes

    The 2 main performance debts of HTTP/1

    HTTP/2 is already around since 2015. Heck, HTTP/3 even got standardized as of June 6th 2022. So why even bother talking about HTTP/1?

    • ± 7 minutes

    Interaction to Next Paint: WP and SPA's like PWA

    So, FID is only tracking delay during first interaction and didn't come with real nuances per stack. But what about the new INP metric and WP, Magento or SPA's?

    • ± 7 minutes

    Reducing response time with server side caching

    Server side caching means that some form of caching is done server side. And from a pagespeed perspective, it makes most sense to do this for contents that tends to be dynamic. Let's dive into the basics of server side caching a bit more.

    • ± 1 minute

    Plugins to improve your website or shop's pagespeed

    In general, people know that I'm not the one to ask which plugins to use for their stack. However, given the fact that I'm a pagespeed and performance enthousiast, I'm sometimes asked which plugins people should be using.

    • ± 6 minutes

    What the setup of my pagespeed cases look like

    Even clients that are convinced they should work with me, still want to know how a collaboration and an auditing trajectory is going to look like. This article is giving background information.

    • ± 4 minutes

    Parsing and rendering process simplified

    We've all heard of the 'eliminate render blocking resources' recommendation in Lighthouse. But to understand why it is important to fix this, it first is convenient to know a few basic principles of browsers.

    • ± 5 minutes

    Improving a CDN's cache hit ratio

    A platform can take a long time to generate a webpage. But when the content is cached, TTFB and users will benefit, but the first user accessing new contents will pay a penalty. How to prevent this and improve the cache hit ratio?

    • ± 2 minutes

    Improve PageSpeed with 2x a single line of CSS

    Rarely can you increase your PageSpeed with a single line of CSS. Today, though, I will share two separa­te CSS lines of code that will improve pagespeed and performance.

    • ± 3 minutes

    Don't use Page Load Time to predict conversion

    I've seen pagespeed audits where Google Analytics' Average Page Load Time was used to determine bad performing pages and claiming the webshop was missing revenue. However, pagespeed is more nuanced.

    • ± 5 minutes

    Improving WordPress performance: an open letter

    WordPress started a performance team to improve its Core Web Vitals scores. I read their pagespeed optimization spreadsheet and boy do I have an opinion regarding their performance backlog.

    • ± 1 minute

    Twitter stops linking to AMP pages

    There is nothing wrong with the mindset of AMP. However, news publishers felt forced to start using Google's AMP HTML framework for their articles for SEO reasons while you could achieve same pagespeed results without AMP.