schema deprecated, BreadcrumbList glitch schema deprecated, BreadcrumbList glitch

As of April 6, 2020, markup will no longer be eligible for Google rich result features. Nothing new here for webdevelopers and SEO specialist out there. However..

.. there seems to be a weird false positive, even when not using data-vocabulary. Google Search Console recently triggered this warning based on old (2018) BreadcrumbList results. After re-evaluating, it still says there are issues.

After running a manual test using Rich Results Test, the evaluation said the following:

  • Not all markup is eligible for rich results
  • Fix these issues to make the page eligible for relevant rich results in Google Search
  • Missing field "item"

Strange, as their really was a field "item". So, I started debugging.

I ended up copying the BreadcrumbList Microdata example from into our own source code, and tried:

  • changing the first href to "index.html" as the first item in our breadcrumb list just had a slash as a href value (as the index.html page has a canonical to the root domain as well);
  • changing the order of the HTML attributes, such as inserting the class-attribute as last attributes on the href and ol elements (although I could not think of reasons why the order of attributes would play a role);
  • adding the domain name into the href-values.

How to solve "Missing field item" microdata warning

The last test seemed to solve the issue. However, not all href attributes needed the domain as a hyperlink-prefix. By just making the href-value of the first item completely absolute (so, including the domain), this issue was solved once I run a new test. Other href-value could remain relative, thus being hyperlinks with just the path and without the domain as a prefix.

I was surprised by these findings and ain't sure if it is part of moving away from data-vocabulary.

Edge cases

After evaluating well-known websites as well, I discovered this only happens when there are more than to list items within your breadcrumb markup. I also saw that when being, href-values of all ListItems should have absolute paths, instead of relative paths. I did not test if this is due to the more nested and complex markup of their breadcrumbs.

Do you know of any other edge cases? Do let me know, so I can update this article.