Most popular pagespeed LinkedIn posts of 2022

Most popular pagespeed LinkedIn posts of 2022

I've selected my most popular LinkedIn post of 2022. It might be convenient of you if you're not following me yet, or just didn't had the chance to read up on all of them.

And let's be honest: LinkedIn's search engine isn't the best. So I created this list myself by scrolling through my personal feed and running a script to fetch the most popular posts.

To be able to create this blogpost, I looked at posts with most engagement. They will often also have quite a bit of comments as well, ending up being a popular post.

2022 versus 2021 LinkedIn posts

After 2021, I posted my most popular LinkedIn posts in 2021 . Apparently, I ended up writing 230 LinkedIn posts in 2021. In 2022, I only wrote 182.

In other words, I went from 4.42 posts per week to 3.5 posts per week. The main reasons that caused this drop:

  • Raising a little one, who's almost 1.5 years old at time of writing;
  • Although already started in 2021, building on RUMvision even more. RUMvision is a real-time and real UX pagespeed monitoring solution.

Goals and value of posting on LinkedIn

I just try to post regularly on LinkedIn though. In the end, it helps:

  • visibility and thus building a personal brand;
  • making people aware of my niche and added value;
  • sharing knowledge and staying top of mind.

However, I can't be bothered by (most) statistics. Such as the amount of posts per week or amount of engagement. But obviously, it's a shame if a well-thought and informative post isn't being read.

My posts are covering different aspects, such as PageSpeed Insights or Lighthouse score, coding and learnings, personal posts, controversial posts, third party posts and other posts. So here they are:

Coding and learning

All of them having more than 100 likes, this is the top 5 coding and learning posts. All related to pagespeed:

  1. Improve pagespeed with 2 times a CSS one-liner
  2. Fetchpriority attribute
  3. 34% GTM performance boost
  4. Async + fetchpriority=high
  5. Performance mark
  6. Saving 99.9% JavaScript to improve performance
  7. CLS debugging
  8. Chunked HTML
  9. Lazyload non-critical CSS in WordPress
  10. Easy pagespeed optimization
  11. inline snippet/redundant async=true
  12. Google Optimize impact
  13. Using polyfills? Use nomodule
  14. How not to load fonts
  15. Element timing

Receive all 15 coding and learning posts

I've been having a LinkedIn copy cat for a few years now, copying not only my website (layout + text), but also posts and other ideas. Hence limiting the clickable list to the first 5 results. But you can receive them all.

Posts covering third parties and performance

Third parties can be a performance pain in the ass. And it's often the individual third party vendor instead of just Google Tag Manager. Although, some of the third parties might lie about their impact on performance.

  1. Faked score by hacking GTM
  2. Trusted Shops
  3. GTM itself isn't the issue for pagespeed score
  4. Third party lying about their impact on performance

(fake) Lighthouse scores

I don't actually use Lighthouse that much when doing pagespeed audits. Because it comes with nuances. But those nuances are also misused and scores are faked more often by people posting them on LinkedIn.

So this is covering some faked scores but also the value of a PageSpeed Insights or Lighthouse score.

  1. So many roles to blame
  2. Mythbusting
  3. 100% score despite GTM, GA and GA4 [faked]
  4. 92% mobile Shopify score [faked]
  5. 100% Who cares?
  6. News PageSpeed Insights dashboard and metrics
  7. How not to use Lighthouse

Controversial or joking pagespeed posts

Posts that might contain a joke, might be confrontational and maybe even controversial and thus might not be liked by everyone (at first):

  1. 100% Magento pagespeed score
  2. JavaScript is the fastest way to build a slow website
  3. NextJS / controversial
  4. Third parties doesn't impact your Core Web Vitals
  5. PWA Studio isn't fast yet (at all)
  6. Does pagespeed really matter
  7. Google Analytics PageLoad time doesn't matter


I've started RUMvision in 2021. Others joined our team along the way while our pagespeed SaaS kept growing. So I obviously ended up writing about that as well:

  1. Teaming up into RUMvision
  2. The shop was still fast when I tested
  3. We've spent 2468 hours and a bit of money
  4. Tracking real Core Web Vitals + other UX metrics
  5. Launch of our RUM checker

Personal posts and training sessions

I've noticed that people appreciate personal posts as well. As a matter of fact, I'm even recognized on both national and international events due tomy characteristic type of clothes that I wear and sometimes writing personal posts.

But also posts about my work, such as doing training sessions. Due to covid, I didn't do a lot of in-house training sessions yet. Most of them were in Belgium.

  1. Personal introduction to new followers
  2. Training in Belgium
  3. Feeling like a digital nomad
  4. What I've learned from taking a break
  5. Second training in Belgium
  6. I turned 37

Other pagespeed related posts

Beware, Hyvä tends to be a popular subject ;)

  1. Hyvä trend
  2. GoogleBot only considering first 15mb of data
  3. Is reducing image sizes all there is?
  4. Chrome improved LCP themselves for all sites
  5. Device costs per country
  6. Hyva bottlenecks
  7. Triple lazyloading
  8. WWW and non-www Core Web Vitals
  9. Hyvä performance in Core Web Vitals data
  10. jQuery still fastest - CWV data

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