Traveling to Google I/O

Traveling to Google I/O

This year, Google is hosting Google I/O Connect in Berlin. This is the follow-up of the main event in Mountain View USA. Google Experts and Developers from across Europe, Middle East and Africa will be joining to explore Googles latest products and solutions. with live sessions, hands-on activities, and demos. There’ll be plenty of time to network, too.

Being one of many Google Developer Experts (GDEs), I received an invite to join this year's edition. And Berlin certainly is very convenient with a 6 hour train ride from my city (Groningen).

Other GDEs scheduled a dinner in Berlin to meet up the day before (today, Wednesday 26th).

Google I/O is happening on Thursday 27th. The next EUFA Euro soccer match in Berlin is at Saturday 29th. I'm gone by then, so hopefully the city and public transport isn't too crowded during my visit.

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