You can make > $50,000 a month with a single PHP file

You can make > $50,000 a month with a single PHP file

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That sounds like clickbait, or at least too good to be true, right? That's what I thought. No rocket science and overengineering over here.

Just a single PHP file

If you even wondered if you can build a site with a single PHP file and still earn $65,651 a month, then here is the answer: yes you can. This might me the very opposite of overengineering, but if it works, it works I guess.

High traffic volume

The website is handling more 100 million pageviews a month. That obviously helps generating such money. But it makes it even more astonishing that just one PHP file is doing all the heavy lifting.

Next big framework doubling your revenue?

In the midst of hype trains and fear of missing out on the next big framework that will shake your world and double your revenue, this was quite interesting and refreshing to read. Apparently, when it comes to your codebase, you can start small and.. even stay small I guess.

The (almost) no framework stack

It regards and their stack is as following:

  • PHP 7 without framework;
  • next to jQuery, no other frameworks;
  • normal CSS;
  • Nginx on Ubuntu;
  • 1x linode VPS at $400 per month;
  • Stripe for payments;
  • SQLite for database.

How to deal with such PHP sourcecode

Obviously, working this way will lead to question regarding how you would cope with such architecture. His answer: CMD + F, in other words: just start searching the sourcecode. It helps if you known your own code and you aren't working in a team.

Files are an arbitrary abstraction. Liberate yourself from hierarchical ideology!

Reply to "Wow, and you can work this way?"

I had a laugh reading this. That's the only reason this quote is included in the article! Whole thread can be found on Twitter.