Core Web Vitals FAQ on ranking

Will Core Web Vitals only be for mobile SERP's, or desktop too?

No. During Google I/O in May 2021, Google announced Core Web Vitals will be coming to desktop as well. It isn't know yet when exactly this will be happening.

How to see if my site is passing the Core Web Vitals assessment?

The easiest way to determine of your site or shop is passing the Core Web Vitals is by using Google's PageSpeed Insights or using the pagespeed tool on my site. In case of sufficient data, you will see one of the following statements about your specific page URL or origin on passing the Core Web Vitals metrics:

  • field data shows that this page passes the Core Web Vitals assessment;
  • field data shows that this page does not pass the Core Web Vitals assessment;

When will Core Web Vitals become a ranking factor?

We can answer this question since November 2020. Core Web Vitals will become a ranking factor mid-June 2021. As of mid-June, Core Web Vitals will be roled out gradually.

Together with this ranking update, a visual indicator will be added to the SERP's as well. Do note that they will be testing a visual indicator prior to Core Web Vitals becoming a ranking factor. See my November article on Core Web Vitals highlighting per May 2021.

Is Core Web Vitals just a ranking factor?

It will be a ranking factor in 2021. Obviously, it will already impact conversion as various researches are pointing out.

At the same time, pages that are passing the Core Web Vitals assessment will also see their chances increase of become part of the Google Top Stories. Having AMP pages isn't the only requirement anymore. Passing Core Web Vitals will do the job as well.

Chromium is always busy improving and catering to optimal user experience. They are experimenting with different types of fast page labelling. Passing the Core Web Vitals assessment might yield more benefits in the future as well. For example, reduced pay-per-click (PPC) costs.

What is needed to get a visual indicator in Google SERP?

Google announced a visual indicator for Core Web Vitals and the first tests with such indicator are already spotted in the SERP's. To also get a (positive) visual indicator, you need:

  • enough visitors;
  • all Core Web Vitals (FID, LCP, CLS) metrics should be green for the last 28 days.

What will the visual indicator look like?

As far as first tests by Google have shown us, it might look like the Google AMP indicator. In the case of passing Core Web Vitals, it could mean that it will be a grey circle with a white star. See also the blogpost Core Web Vitals visual indicator and Google news top stories