WPO roadshow

While travelling through The Netherlands for appointments, I visit events and give in-house talks on the subjects of:

  • WCAG / web accessibility;
  • pagespeed and perceived performance;
  • Core Web Vitals;
  • and thus technical UX / CRO.

Depending on the type of agency, this is often done in the presence of:

  • marketers & product owners;
  • UX & SEO specialists;
  • and obviously developers.

The goals of agencies hiring me often is:

  • to improve in-house awareness or knowledge;
  • to make it a team effort and improve dialogs with (external) developers;
  • to help their own clients to improved page load, UX and their revenue;
  • to prepare for or pass the Core Web Vitals assessment to reduce bounce and improve ranking.


    Previous talks and training

    My sessions are online or in-house. Am I around during one of my trips? Let me know!

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