Talking at Refresh Conference meetup

Talking at Refresh Conference meetup

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Developer experience versus user experience? The latter may be more important, but how to:

  • enforce optimal FMP Lighthouse metric while the use of JavaScript is increasing;
  • address CRO from a technical (and user visual) perspective;
  • improve perceived performance by 'cheating';
  • improve overall website's pagespeed.

The following will also be demonstrated:

  • how performance is sometimes being applied counterproductively by/at agencies and companies;
  • how you can be 3 times as fast as AMP/PWA, building the traditional way (Server Side Rendering versus Client Side Rendering).

I'll be talking about performance by design at this user experience meetup, organised by Refresh Conference, hosted at iWink and MediaCT headquarters.

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Product owners, UX designers as well as full stack and frontend developers visited this meetup. I ended up talking about best practices which I showcased while using one of my proof of concepts.