Visiting three marketing and development agencies

Visiting three marketing and development agencies

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  • 27/08/2020 - 28/08/2020
  • Groningen - Enschede - Apeldoorn

At the end of August, I'll be visiting three companies in just 2 days. Want to get up-to-speed about Core Web Vitals and its technical implications and challenges? Do get in touch!

Meanwhile, I'll be getting marketing and SEO agencies Daar-om in Groningen and Happy Idiots in Apeldoorn up-to-speed on the subject of Core Web Vitals. Moreover, during the 4 hour session, I will also explain other aspects of Lighthouse and pagespeed to Happy Idiots.

In between, I'll be visiting Radish Concepts in Enschede to also discuss the Core Web Vitals implications. As I also did an audit of the webshop of one of their clients, the outcomes of the pagespeed audit will be discusses as well during this session.

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Looking back at three sessions: