Visiting Shopware HQ

Visiting Shopware HQ

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Amongst other reasons, this is because Shopware 6 is headless and as a result -from a technical pagespeed / UX perspective- it doesn't force business owners having to choose between

  • conversion loss (due to slow TTFB/SSR);
  • increase project budget (to build a CSR/PWA solution on top of your existing shop).

Instead, you get best of both sides, where you can still switch to PWA at all times (Vue Storefront might come to mind here).

A while ago, I was eager to evaluate their score and ended up creating a Proof of Concept of a Shopware 6 webshop, optimizing the First Meaningful Paint metric and thus UX/user engagement.
At the highest viewpoint in Schöpppingen, this was one of the topics we discussed at Shopware HQ as I am intimately involved in building and solving pagespeed challenges within websolutions (CMS) and several agencies as well.

More to come? You bet, already involved in some projects as a pagespeed/performance director. Can't wait for the first Shopware 6 shop to be delivered!