Erwin Hofman
sitespeed consultant

I independently help agencies, e-commerce and websites to obtain Core Web Vitals and performance knowledge and results.

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  • 2023

    Became a Google Developer Expert

    Erwin Hofman was proud to be asked to become a GDE. Mostly because it helps him help his clients even more:

    • By staying up-to-date to new Google Browser changes
    • Activaly taking place in testing origin trials, like Lo-AF
    • Discussing CWV's importance at even more public events
    • Working together with Google to make the internet better
  • 2022

    Started RUMvision

    We turned a custom solution that I used for client-audits into a monitoring solution for the public. So everyone can learn more about their auditions and Core Web Vitals after deploys.

    • No 28-day delay CWV
    • Accessible pricing
    • 23+ metrics & 35+ dimensions
    • Easy to install

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  • 2021

    Fast forward

    "I" changed into "we", as cases and clients grew over time and we became a team. Already in Q1 2021, we celebrated the onboarding of:

    • Smartphonehoesjes

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  • 2015

    Sharing my knowledge

    It was not until 2015 that the developer Erwin Hofman dared to share his knowledge in front of others, talking about:

    • Online accessibility
    • How to build a CMS
    • Helping agencies
    • Improving e-com

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  • 2005

    Founding my agency

    I started my own agency EH (short for Erwin Hofman) in 2005 and renamed it to Blue 2 Blond in 2008, nowadays with developers all having their own expertise.

    • Privacy and security
    • Fast and accessible
    • Technical SEO
    • Happy customers

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  • 2003

    Starting LightBolt

    After some years of PHP and a lot of non-technical requests, I, Erwin Hofman, created the first draft of the LightBolt CMS in my clients' quest for lean and fast websites.

    • 250+ sites created
    • AMP, PWA, Webp
    • Passing Web Vitals
    • Optimal UX and CRO

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Erwin Hofman, about my name

In Dutch, the name Erwin Hofman is pronounced as ərwin hofmän.

  • Erwin

    The name Erwin could be both German or English. Erwin means Sailor friend, although based on other resources, the first syllable could also mean honour or eagle. The name Erwin became popular in 1960, although in 2019 only 25 new borns were named Erwin.

  • Hofman

    The name Hofman by origin is German. Traditionally, Hofman means peasant landowner (“Hof” in German). Hofman is the 19,765th most common surname in the world and this specific orthography is most used in The Netherlands, around 10,500 times.

Above statistics doesn't make the name Erwin Hofman unique. Erwin Hofman occurs around 15 times, often within the same age group but within different working areas.

What if everybody would be Erwin Hofman?

We would then not be having sitespeed issues or webshop frustrations. Moreover, you would not find any (WP) sitespeed related search results when you tried Googling it 😜 However, a society full of people with OCD would probably clash somehow, as we can only handle a certain amount of rules and tidiness, even when it comes to website code.

Erwin Hofman is not just about sitespeed

I also like to address:

  • Online accessibility

    Convincing others that building screenreader and keyboard accessible websites isn't rocket science.

  • Inclusivity

    Equal online experience for all, where our products are adaptive and will recognize preferences of our users.

  • Sustainability

    Internet is already producing more carbon emissions than the aviation industry. Being part of this profession, we have a responsibility.