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    Erwin Hofman
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    web performance consultant
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Sitespeed & performance enthusiast, helping other agencies and merchants to improve in-house knowledge via audits and training sessions.

Longer version

Started developing in 2001, Erwin gained performance knowledge and best practices via trial & error within his own agency and reading many (Google) docs.
At the end of the last decade, Erwin started sharing his learnings. Both during public events and privately with merchants & development + SEO agencies via audits & training sessions to help them saving trial & error hours and allowing them to improve decision making with performance in mind.
He shares best practices and (case) insights on regular basis via LinkedIn and co-founded a real monitoring solution (RUMvision).


Typical tools I use when doing my job are:

  • Webpagetest
    Lab data a.k.a. synthetic testing of webpages to get a quick and broad idea of the state of performance and individual metrics;
  • Chrome DevTools
    I fall back to Chrome DevTools for the questions that Webpagetest can't answer. For example running a few performance snippets that I've collected over time.
  • RUMvision
    A snippet to be installed to get real-time actionable insights into experiences of the real audience of a shop (a.k.a. field data).
    This helps me to understand the device and connectivity conditions and then divide my work into tailored priorities (which will come with the biggest wins).
    Disclaimer: I co-created this SaaS for this exact purpose.
    Although this comes with a delay of up to 6 weeks and contains non-URL specific insights, it could show me if a webshop's performance has improved (or regressed) recently. can also be used to do continues lab data testing (but the amount of alerts due to fluctuations drove me crazy).
  • BuiltWith
    By checking the history of technology changes of a webshop and combining this with data, I might already be able to tell what caused visible improvements (or regressions).

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