Yes, Hyvä is fast, but:
passing CWV can be tricky

Hyvä's boilerplate is great, but passing Core Web Vitals can still be a challenge. Let's make sure your agency is part of the 50% that pass CWV, and improve SEO, UX and CRO together.

Let's talk about what you need


Hi, I'm Erwin Hofman, pagespeed consultant here to help you!

Are you a web agency struggling with Core Web Vitals? I'm here to help. As a seasoned pagespeed consultant, Google Developer Expert and co-founder + CTO of RUMvision, my expertise is in tackling site speed and UX challenges.

When you partner with me, you're not just hiring a consultant; you're gaining a strategic ally who will save your team valuable time in debugging and focus on the metrics that matter. I bring a practical approach and the right tools to help you enhance performance effectively.

With my experience in Hyvä, we can ensure your merchants experience the full potential of its performance capabilities.

Let me help you turn your web performance challenges into successes.

What can I do for you?

You decide! Every agency's challenges and solutions are unique, but I strive for the same goal as Hyvä: "eCommerce made happy!" Here are my main offers to assist you with your webperformance :

  • Audits

    Your Hyvä shop is not passing Core Web Vitals and you want that fixed? Allow me to help your team by finding the performance bottlenecks, and improve them together. Most audits can be done around 2380 euro.

  • Training

    CLS, INP, LCP, TTFB, WTF? Performance is truly a world of it's own, and comes with a lot of nuances. Allow me to get you up to speed in making the right decisions for your merchants. Training starts at 1980 euro per session.

  • Consultancy

    I'm happy to help you whether you need regular advice on improving pagespeed or just want to run ideas and questions by me once. Consultancy starts at 450 euro per session.


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Let's talk!

Reach out for consultancy, audit, training, or any combination thereof, and I'll gladly provide a quote tailored to your needs.

Erwin  Hofman

e.g. a small specific webshop CWV issue, an agency training on Hyvä with a site speed mindset, other challenges.

I generally respond within 8 to 16 office hours. You'll be sent a copy of the e-mail as well.

Up to speed

enabling conversion to exceed

For whom

While mainly invited by dev-agencies and merchants, I am also invited by SEO, UX & CRO agencies and in-house teams since pagespeed is now encapsulated in Core Web Vitals.


From pagespeed to technical UX:learn what challenges are there when using Magento and Hyvä, how to translate Lighthouse and to master Core Web Vitals.

In-house and online

Whether it's in-person or online, my consulting, training, and audits are always interactive, tailored to your needs, and practical.

Frequently asked questions

Before starting

  • I'm invited by development agencies, sometimes platform specific such as Magento, Shopware, WooCommerce. But I'm also getting invited by SEO, UX and CRO agencies. Sometimes even a team of specialist within an e-commerce business or agency.

    Obviously, the more technical your team is, the more technical the training session will be. If your team is a mix of different specialist, I try to keep everybody involved.

  • When your agency is focussing on online business or even e-commerce, than I'll be sure to tailor my training sessions to your (team's) knowledge. Before kicking off a training session, I will ask the attendees about their backgrounds.

    This means you don't need any specific knowledge.

  • This is the fixed list of topics, where the elaboration per topics depend on your type of agency or team:

    • Introduction into user perception
    • PageSpeed Insights (versus other toolings)
    • (Core) Web Vitals
      • First Contentful Paint;
      • First Input Delay;
      • Largest Contentful Paint;
      • Cumulative Layout Shift;
    • CSS
    • JS (including Time to Interactive and Total Blocking Time);
    • Fonts
    • Images
    • Caching & compressing
    • Browser
    • Network (latency) and CDN
    • Headless, PWA & AMP
    • Server (side)
    • Third parties
    • Identifying
  • Sure thing, although I'll have a list of topics which usually will be part of the training session (see previous question). Do let me know if there are any topics that should be emphasized, for example:

    • (determining) technical anti-patterns when being a development agency;
    • perceived performance when being a UX team or agency;
    • Core Web Vitals when being a CRO team or agency;
    • Google Tag Manager for an SEO team or agency;
    • Third parties for marketeers;
    • et cetera.
  • Off course, the goal is to let pagespeed become a prospect instead of an afterthought and thus to not only have me sending information, but also to start the dialogue. Even during the training.

    So be sure to send me any questions beforehand, which will be answered or discussed during the training.


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