Protegés wanted! Are you a technical-SEO specialist or front-end developer who has been interested in following my CWV/UX work, and would like to team up with me to learn this as well?

We are once again surpassing the previous year, with big e-commerce names from home and abroad. To be able to sustain this growth next year, we are looking for new colleagues who, like me, are interested in observing, analyzing and advising how websites can be technically improved.

What are your skills?

What do we have to offer?

What will your day look like?

We are located in the very center of Groningen, with a team of 5 people. You can decide for yourself whether you work at home or at our office. We do like to see you "in real life" once a week. This way we can help you in person with questions and share new interesting insights.

We start around 8.30/10.00 AM with a cup of coffee or tea (coffee drinkers are in a serious minority in this team). Our entire team has children, so starting times are somewhat dependent on childcare/nighttime. On such a day, you will mainly be working on the audits of webshops, which Erwin has already pre-audited. In addition you'll be answering technical questions from customers within our new sitespeed application. Of course under the super­vision of the team in sales and support (Roderik and Karlijn). If you work from home, this will be via Microsoft Teams and Trello, otherwise we'll just pull up a chair.

If you are at the office, we eat a grilled cheese at lunch hour, and then we play a game of ping-pong, where we all try to beat our front-ender Johan, who used to do this as a sport. If you're at the office, Erwin will be happy to explain how browsers work, how JavaScript is a bottleneck and how you can make Magento webshops faster. Want to pick up your kids from school in the afternoon, or just chill out in the sun? Be sure to do that! We want to do that too sometimes. Then work on another day or in the evening and catch up on your hours.

Does this sound like your new (dream) job?

If the opportunity above has piqued your interest, we encourage you to send us your CV with a motivation letter to karlijn op erwinhofman punt com.

We look forward to receiving any portfolio you may have already created. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Karlijn at +31 640563689