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implementation trajectory

Let training and audit become part of your e-commerce DNA. Pagespeed accountability for management or CEO's.

Start ensuring conversions Do it yourself audit?


Mar-tech trajectory

For a conversion factory


This needs tailoring. We discuss expectations and possible outcomes. The latter will be investigated in the follow-up phases.

Current and history analysis

What does historic UX data say, what are current bottlenecks and how to

Second opinion

Not sure if your team optimized the right way and want to find out as soon as possible?

Enforce conversions after implementation?

Nice to know where you are standing after receiving a pagespeed audit, but you want to be sure your developers get it right on the long run too. Let's investigate how to move forward on this.

Erwin  Hofman

I generally respond within 8 to 16 office hours. You'll be sent a copy of the e-mail as well.

Next to audits and training, some other pagespeed work:

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