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Filling in

  • Not at all, the widget will try to correct the domain name. You might even use long URL's, although the widget will only check average data for the whole domain/origin.

  • Sure thing. Most you'll see is just public data. And if you happen to know visitors, conversion rate and average order value of others, good for you!

  • Basically, the currency has no influence on the outcome when you are filling in your own numbers, meaning the currency picker is purely cosmetic: it's just for the full picture.

  • Check your analytics, for example Google Analytics if you happen to use that. You could sum up the amount of visitors over a whole year/twelve months and divide it by twelve.

  • The conversion rate is the number of store transactions divided by the number of webshop visitors x 100. For example, if your ecommerce site received 100 visitors in a month and has 50 sales, the conversion rate would be 50 divided by 100, or 50%.

    Within e-commerce, a conversion rate of 1 or 4% is common. Higher conversion rates are possible depending on your industry, market and competition. For this calculation, be sure to calculate your conversion rate over the same period as you are calculating your monthly visitors. Here are some industry based transactional conversion rates:

    • Arts and Crafts: 3.84% – 4.01%
    • Electrical and Commercial Equipment: 2.49% – 2.70%
    • Pet Care: 2.51% – 2.53%
    • Health and Wellbeing: 1.87% – 2.02%
    • Kitchen and Home Appliances: 1.61% – 1.72%
    • Home Accessories and Giftware: 1.46% – 1.55%
    • Cars and Motorcycling: 1.35% – 1.36%
    • Fashion, Clothing, and Accessories: 1.01% – 1.41%
    • Sports and Recreation: 1.18%
    • Food and Drink: 0.90% – 1.00%
    • Baby and Child: 0.71% – 0.87%
    • Agriculture: 0.62% – 1.41%
  • To start off pagespeed optimization your webshop and team might need an audit and training. Costs of the combination of the two can be filled in in initial consultancy cost. In case of a long term collaboration, you could insert this into the monthly consultancy cost input field.

    If you don't have a team on stand-by already and you have yet to hire developers to implement the recommendations within a pagespeed audit, you could add this to the possible monthly consultancy costs as well.


  • Obviously, conversions can be measured in different ways. For example, amount of sign-ups, downloaded white papers, et cetera. However, for the widget on this page, conversion rate grows of transactions is being used, making this widget suitable for e-commerce revenue calculation.

  • Not with the widget on this page. This data is related to transactional conversion rates based on different pagespeed gains. As the bar for filling in information within a download- or contactform is way lower than ordering goods within a website, the info in the widget can't be used for website conversion growth calculations.

    As the conversion-bar within websites is lower than webshops, the conversion-rate is typically lying higher within websites.

  • The potential increase in annual revenue is estimated using a formula based on data from Google Analytics accounts that have chosen to share anonymous aggregated data with Google for benchmarking purposes. The speed metric shown is 75th percentile Largest Contentful Paint (LCP). Please note that there is more than one way to calculate mobile site speed and many factors affect mobile site speed. Improving mobile speed doesn't guarantee revenue increases.

    Source: Google Analytics, Global, n=383K unique profiles, Jan. 2017–Dec. 2017.

  • No, conversion rates being used to calculate potential growth of revenue is based on starting page load points, but not industry specific.

  • Unfortunately not. The real outcomes could be lower or even higher, also depending on your brand, industry and B2B or B2C market. Do note that the checkout proces has to be fast and smooth as well to get the most out of it.

    The only thing I'm certain about is that not improving your pagespeed or Core Web Vitals will be more expensive than not hiring me.

  • When filling in transactional data as well as a new speed-result, the widget will calculate the potential revenue growth. When you filled in initial costs as well as monthly costs for consultation services, the initial costs will be the (negative) starting point. Next, the monthly increased revenue will be substracted by the monthly consultancy costs.

    The widget will then calculate after how many months break even is taking place. Possible implementation time or development days by your team or agency is taken into account as well to get a full picture of the Return On Investment (ROI) time.


  • This data is collected by Chrome User Experience Report. For more details, see Core Web Vitals FAQ.

  • It is possible that there is no sufficient data for certain metrics. This might especially happen for the First Input Delay metric. The reason is that although your website or webshop might have enough visitors, there is a chance that not enough visitors are interacting with your website or webshop.

    As a result, you may see a grey bar and "no data" next to the metric name.

  • If you don't see any data, there might not be enough historic data for the domain name you entered. You're website or webshop probably only recently started to attract enough visitors to get at least recent data, but no historic data yet.

    See also Core Web Vitals FAQ.

  • You'll see historic data of the last twelve months. This data is Chrome User Experience data, showing different metrics, such as the Core Web Vitals metrics, as well as TTFB, Dom Content Loaded, et cetera.

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