Proof of Concepts

All Proof of Concepts are based on product detail pages, where I create a static before and after situation to get a fair comparison. Some of the Proof of Concepts are done as a (free) showcase or as part of a project or talk.

    • < 1 minute

    Charlie Temple - online optician

    From slow 3G to 4G, from mobile to desktop and from local to abroad environments, possible room for pagespeed (FMP) improvement is around 40%.

    • < 1 minute - books, toys and electronics

    54% win in First Meaningful Paint on desktop 4G. Imagine the wins on mobile devices in combination with 3G internet!

    • < 1 minute

    Belsimpel - online mobile phone shop

    Showing meaningful paint in 1.7 seconds instead of 6.4 seconds to increase user engagement and conversion, on mobile device and fast 3G internet from an abroad location.

    • < 1 minute

    NOS - Dutch broadcasting

    I achieved to load a NOS article page 4 times faster (-75%) on desktop with fast 3G internet (from Amsterdam).