L'or Espresso - coffee

L'or Espresso - coffee

Although not fixing layout shifts, the First Contentful Paint happens within 1.5 seconds instead of 7.0 seconds, tested on a mobile device, fast 3G internet from abroad (United States).

User engagement is a first moment of conversion. Will they stay or will they leave?

To optimize for the first user engagement, when possible, I look at the First Meaningful Paint as a performance and user experience metric (to be replaced by Largest Contentful Paint). Elements to check for, are product-title, price and image, as these are most meaningful towards visitors.

Pagespeed Insights

When checking your pagespeed score using PageSpeed Insights, it is tempting to look at the overall score. More can be achieved when you analyze individual metrics, such as First Meaningful Paint.

Video comparison

I did a comparison on fast 3G, from the United States (Dulles) on a Motorola Moto 4G phone.

  • The First Contentful Paint ook place within 1.5 seconds, while the before-situation is loading in 7.0 seconds.

Because of the way Magento frontend has been set up, a lot of layout shifts was happening. Even after improving the speed, this should become a point of attention.

Check out the pagespeed metrics and mobile comparison.