Shopware 6 - ecommerce platform

Shopware 6 - ecommerce platform

I reduced Shopware 6 PDP's by 3.4 times on desktop with fast 3G internet connection, when visiting from London.

Shopware 6 was already delivering green pagespeed results for product detailpages. However, we want to achieve early user engagement to improve conversion. I managed to optimize the First Meaningful Paint metric, decreasing it from 3.7 seconds, to only 1.0 seconds.

Tests were as following:

  • mobile, fast 3G from Dulles (United States)
    Text visible at 1.6 seconds versus 3.7 seconds (-56%).
  • mobile, slow 3G from Dulles (United States)
    Text visible at 3.0 seconds versus 7.0 second (-57%).
  • desktop, fast 3G from Londen
    Text visible at 1.0 seconds versus 3.4 seconds (-70%).

Check out the video comparisons.