Tilebar - wholesale

Tilebar - wholesale

I drastically improved the perceived performance of this shop, by 57% on 4G to 91% on slow 3G, both on iPhone 7.

With the Proof of Concept I created, I wanted to illustrate the room of improvements towards perceived performance and thus customer retention, reducing bounce rate and thus improve conversion.

To optimize for the first user engagement, I look at the First Meaningful Paint as a performance and user experience metric (to be replaced by Largest Contentful Paint). Elements to check for, are product-title, price and image, as these are most meaningful towards visitors.

I succeeded to improve the loading time on different internet speeds. These were as following:

  • on iPhone 7, 4G, tested from Dullus
    3.0 seconds versus 9.0 seconds (improvement of 57%);
  • on iPhone 7, slow 3G, tested from Dullus
    5.3 seconds versus 54.6 seconds (improvement of 91%).

Note that tests were only done on desktop. As mobile devices are less powerfull, improvements would typically be more noticeable for mobile users.

Check out the video comparions.