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Tested on several devices from the USA, improvements varied from 38% to 63%.

The TrucknTow webshop was an interesting case, as they already have focus on Magento 2, but will still be on Magento 1 for a while.

For their current Magento 1 shop, they created a seperate mobile version, containing way less JavaScript. As the main bottleneck nowadays is CPU, this was a first good step towards improved user experience and thus conversion. Just like anyone else, they wanted to improve speed, user experience and thus conversion even further.

As the website isn't configured with HTTP/2, this step was out of consideration. Nevertheless, we could still improve as the video comparions are showing. As TrucknTow is situated in the United States of America, I only conducted tests from the States.

I ended up testing on several devices These were as following:

  • on 3G on iPhone 7+, tested from Dulles, USA
    2.4 seconds versus 5.0 seconds (improvement of 52%);
  • on 3G on iPhone 8, tested from Dulles, USA
    1.9 seconds versus 5.2 seconds (improvement of 63%);
  • on 3G on Moto G4, tested from Dulles, USA
    2.4 seconds versus 3.9 seconds (improvement of 38%);
  • on 4G on Moto G4, tested from Dulles, USA
    1.6 seconds versus 2.9 seconds (improvement of 44%).

Check out the video comparions.