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Let's stop you from focussing on the wrong metrics, start prioritizing real e-commerce optimizations instead.

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Pagespeed audit in a nutshell

Unlike an in-house pagespeed training, a pagespeed audit is specific to your webshop, no matter the platform your webshop is running on.

Nowadays better known as Core Web Vitals. I will cover perceived performance to technical UX, including third party contents. For example:

  • Previous work

    Share with me your pagespeed optimizations so far. I will explain why it might not have led to results yet, despite Lighthouse saying so.

  • Not our fault

    "But hosting, platform, framework, GTM or design is the pagespeed culprit". Sounds familiar? Signs that someone is leaving money on the table.

  • Core Web Vitals

    It looks fast on your device and internet speed? Good for you, you're in the 'green bucket' then. Core Web Vitals is including real user constraints of others too.

  • Missing out on conversion

    Thought Core Web Vitals is important? It's just a new name, we're boosting any type of conversion too: lead, subscribers, revenue.

Pagespeed audit usage

You will receive a PDF file containing real user monitoring (RUM) data as well as recommendations with code-examples.

  • Highlighting UX bottlenecks that nobody noticed before;
  • As a product owner, you can use this as technical proof of current imperfections;
  • As a dev-team, you can use it to extend and prioritize your in-house roadmap;
  • Indication of costs and benefits per recommendation is included.
A pagespeed audit

your webshop visitors will applaud it

For whom

Product owner, devs or CEO's of merchant and agencies wanting to have a full understanding of competition, history and current bottlenecks.


In-depth recommendations from developer to (your) developers. Get right to the core of your bottlenecks and opportunities.

About the costs

Tens of thousands of Euros.. if you choose to not address pagespeed + UX issues. See below for costs per setup.

A pagespeed audit
won't be about

  • stressing on perfect Lighthouse score
  • loading time experience with your computer
  • Core Web Vitals metrics only
  • or just passing Google ranking
  • which plugins or build-tool-features to use

A pagespeed audit
will be about

  • optimal (mobile) UX for >75% of visitors
  • real UX of your very own audience
  • Beyond CWV, including third parties
  • and improve bounce and conversion too
  • understanding how browsers actually work

Pagespeed audit setups

  • 1 page template

    € 2380

    Core Web Vitals and beyond of your most popular page

    • 1 page template type analysis
    • Breakdown of issues
    • Code examples included

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  • 3 page templates

    € 4760

    Pagespeed audit of 3 most important page-types

    • 3 page template type analysis
    • Roadmap classification
    • Competitor + CWV history analysis
    • One live video feedback session

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  • Customized audit


    Full analysis and support for enterprise solutions

    • 4+ page template type
    • Roadmap classification
    • Competitor + CWV history analysis
    • Support and instant troubleshooting
    • Continuous quarterly audits

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  • Become a member

    on request

    Dedicated pagespeed team with RUM and ICE

    • Long term collaboration
    • Reduced fees
    • For audits, training and consultancy
    • Pagespeed academy included
    • With active Real User Monitoring
    • Instant In Case of Emergency team

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  • Prices are excluding VAT, which only applies to Dutch companies.

Frequently asked questions

Getting started

  • There will be no doubt that I will find bottlenecks. Even a, coolblue and wehkamp are leaving money on the table. However, I would like to hear from you or your stakeholders where your bottlenecks are. If your team already started addressing pagespeed, send me an export of your backlog or roadmap as well.

  • It depends on the platform, your team's knowledge of the platform as well as performance best practices. For example, excluding project management/communication overhead, within a clean Laravel shop, it could take one to two weeks.

    When having a Magento 1, Lightspeed or Shopware 6 shop, this could become up to 3 weeks week. When using Shopify or Magento including its coding conventions, this could become 2 to 3 weeks. We all now that there is more overhead involved in e-commerce projects, but its hard to already make statements about that.

  • There are different factors in play. For example, do you have a seasonal webshop, does weather play a role? But also, what platform are you using and what is the sitespeed/performance knowledge of your team. To reduce lead time, let me train your developers as well.

    When it comes to Core Web Vitals, it could take up to 28 days if optimizations correctly and depending on current scores.


  • Historic data, frontend performance, covering TTFB, DNS lookups, cookies, redundant code, render blocking resources, resource hints, font loading strategy, (client side) caching strategy, image loading, used libraries, main thread blocking, code deduplication, third party widgets, loading on demand and maybe anti-patterns due to other optimizations. Obviously, Core Web Vitals -introduced in May 2020- is part of the audit as well.

  • Partially. Making the right choice when it comes to server side performance (hosting + platform) is up to you. At the same time, when -for example- TTFB's are quite high, for example for API responses, it sometimes is possible to determine if their is a caching or SQL-query bottleneck.

    However, most collaborations isn't covering a deep dive into server side performance. At the same time, while having build the fastest CMS out there, you can invite me to putting our heads together.

  • My work is only focussing on web performance and the work that is done between the code of your site or shop and the browser. Native Apple iOS or Android apps not running in a browser, isn't part of my expertise.

  • Yes I can. That's even part of the 3-page template type audit. You can also schedule a single consult afterwards, when you've booked the 1-page template audit.

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What audit is right for you?

Not sure yet which audit is most suitable for your agency or webshops, or already made up your mind?

Erwin  Hofman

e.g. beat competition, improve ranking, improve Lighthouse score to x%, increase conversion by y%

I generally respond within 8 to 16 office hours. You'll be sent a copy of the e-mail as well.

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