Proof of Concepts

All Proof of Concepts are based on product detail pages, where I create a static before and after situation to get a fair comparison. Some of the Proof of Concepts are done as a (free) showcase or as part of a project or talk.

    • ± 1 minute

    Omoda - retail

    Of all webshops on the Salesforce e-commerce platform within my Proof of Concepts, Omoda already seems the fastest. Because of this, as well as their A/B testing, speed gains are around 45%;

    • ± 1 minute

    Hema - online department store

    83% win in First Meaningful Paint metric on desktop with fast 3G internet. That should make a difference towards bounce-rate and conversion, on desktop and mobile.

    • ± 1 minute

    Torfs - online shoes

    Going from 5.7 seconds to 1.1 seconds, I achieved to load a product page more than 5 times faster on a mobile device and 3G connection.