Pagespeed findings

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    • ± 4 minutes

    Parsing and rendering process simplified

    We've all heard of the 'eliminate render blocking resources' recommendation in Lighthouse. But to understand why it is important to fix this, it first is convenient to know a few basic principles of browsers.

    • ± 1 minute

    When Core Web Vitals FCP and LCP are the same

    You might have noticed that your LCP will often be worse than your FCP. This is quite common, as the header, hamburger menu or (inlined) SVG logo will be rendered sooner than the rest of the page. But what does it mean if your LCP and FCP are almost the same?

    • ± 2 minutes

    Let's get critical: inline CSS a must have?

    "Critical CSS is a must-have for a good pagespeed and core web vitals score". I saw this statement passing by recently, and although using critical CSS myself, such claim comes with nuance.

    • ± 4 minutes

    CSS Critical Path in Magento 1

    Last Thursday, January 16th, I joined TJ Gamble's livestream to answer some PageSpeed related questions. Critical CSS was one of the subjects. Just before the livestream, I published a code snippet to auto-enable CSS critical Path within Magento 1.