Pagespeed findings

    • ± 3 minutes

    Word-breaking solution with SEO & UX in mind, without JavaScript

    There are JavaScript and CSS solutions out there to break words. However, they often don't break words in an organic way. Today, I am sharing a piece of code which I use to break words the way I want, maintaining SEO value at the same time.

    • ± 3 minutes

    Accessible Wordpress themes for WCAG 2.1 websites

    Some (WP) agencies are really into accessibility. However, when you do support accessibility as a developer, but not really pay close attention, there is a big chance you are unknowingly building inaccessible Wordpress websites for your clients.

    • ± 4 minutes

    7 steps for building web accessible hamburger menu's

    Accessibility is like privacy: it often isn't the core business of a company. Even menu's become the victim. As a result, some might never be able to reach or interact with your main navigation.

    • ± 1 minute

    WCAG 2.1 translated by Accessibility Foundation

    Being a recommendation since June 5th, 2018, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 got translated to Dutch and published by Accessibility Foundation.