Pagespeed findings

    • ± 3 minutes

    Don't use Page Load Time to predict conversion

    I've seen pagespeed audits where Google Analytics' Average Page Load Time was used to determine bad performing pages and claiming the webshop was missing revenue. However, pagespeed is more nuanced.

    • ± 3 minutes

    Core Web Vitals A/B testing best practices

    A/B testing is often used to come up with better headlines or layout, increasing conversion. However, even today A/B testing isn't always implemented in an optimal way, negatively impacting your business instead.

    • ± 1 minute

    Anyone else not buying Core Web Vitals?

    Reddit might not be the first platform you think of when talking about SEO or Core Web Vitals. However, this exact same question got asked on Reddit and led to a surprising reply.

    • ± 3 minutes

    Google IO and Core Web Vitals ranking announcements

    Google I/O is an annual developer conference held by Google. "I/O" stands for input/output, as well as the slogan "Innovation in the Open", where they typically introduce new developments.

    • ± 8 minutes

    Chromium: badge of shame for slow loading websites?

    Twitter exploded when Chromium announced it. Chromium is describing it as "Moving towards a faster web", which is a clear signal towards digital agencies and other websites builders. What to expect?

    • ± 5 minutes

    What Google didn't tell you at Magento Live

    Have you been to Magento Live in Amsterdam and did you speak the Google PageSpeed crew about your pagespeed score? I already heard some e-commerce owners, the Google PageSpeed crew might have given you some wrong insights, which I am going to answer instead.